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Cj-100 automatic latex pillow production line

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Cj-100 automatic latex pillow production line
Product Name: latex pillow production line - automatic continuous production line
1. Cj-100 type; The total length of the machine is 100 meters, and the class output is 1000-1500 pillows
A. Double disc mixed foaming. Die head automatic temperature control( During the foaming process, the gel problem is fine and soft, and the foaming is uniform. The magnification can reach 20 times!
B. Double metering pump, single feeding uniform, high product quality.
C. Stainless steel screw pump. Wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance...
2. Curing box; characteristic;
A. The vulcanization part is made of stainless steel!, Corrosion resistant! Temperature up to 200 degrees. Automatic temperature adjustment!
B. Heating; Heat transfer oil, natural gas, steam, electric heating
C. Temperature control part; Full automatic temperature control and power control.
3. Drying; characteristic;
A. The box is made of stainless steel with high thermal insulation performance. It is made of grade I fireproof and thermal insulation cotton. Reduce energy! About cost!

Latex pillow production line is the company's introduction of German methods! Foam - Take - automation, reduce product costs, reduce workers!