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Cj-100 latex pillow production line (across)

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Cj-100 latex pillow production line (across)

Product Specifications:

Size: 100 meters

Power: 30kw



A. Double disk mixed foam. Fine soft, uniform foam. Expansion ratio of 10-20 times

B. Double metering pumps, (Germany) feeding evenly, high quality products.

C. stainless steel screw pump. Wear, temperature, corrosion resistance. The The

2. Vulcanization features:

A. vulcanization part: the temperature inside the box up to 200 degrees (according to the product to adjust the temperature,)

B. Heating: heat transfer oil, steam, natural gas, electric heating ....... (can be determined according to customer requirements)

C. Temperature control part: automatic temperature control, control of electricity.

3. Drying characteristics: