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Cj-120 latex sheet production line (dry hair)

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Cj-120 latex sheet production line (dry hair)
Latex mattress machinery
Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sent personnel to Germany to jointly develop latex sponge foaming machine. The foaming capacity is more than 30 kg / m3 and the foaming rate is 20 times! The foam is delicate and soft. Reach the world leading level. In addition, this machine has accurate measurement, automatic computer control, and can memorize multiple formulas! Ensure product quality, save time and effort, save raw materials, reduce costs, improve efficiency!
Equipment features: 1000-1200KG per hour, double discs, mixed foaming, automatic temperature control of mold head (modified foaming process gel), fine and uniform. distribution; All use imported electrical appliances!
This latex mattress machine uses mold molding, making different shapes to meet the needs of customers!

The company is responsible for mechanical installation, debugging, production process formula, staff training and other services!