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My name is Ryan McRae and I’ve been presenting for over 20 years as far as South Africa to remote Afghanistan and was featured on Lifehacker, Mike Vardy’s Productivityist and Small Business Revolution. This site is simply about being a better presenter—going from frightened to confident as quickly as possible.

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Distilling Your Presentation So You Don’t Sound Like a Fool

I’ve been in ten weddings—ten. I have been the Best Man twice, a groomsman 7 times and I’ve officiated. Yes, everything but the groom. And I’ve heard a lot of speeches in those weddings—clunkers, where you wince and look down at your plate, while the Best Man tells embarrassing and sometimes illegal stories about him and the groom. You look over at the parents and they are just wanting to die. The bride has ordered tarps and bleach on Amazon. It’s going to be a dark day. I’ve heard speeches where they try to hard, where they tell stories that […]

The Power Presenting Provides

See that alliteration up there? Yeah—that’s what I am talking about—literally. When I meet people and they say, “I could never present. I could never, ever get in front of people and talk,” I feel sad for them—deep down. It’s like meeting someone and hearing them say: “I’ll never fall in love. I’m not that type of person.” “I could never leave my town. It’s so scary out there.” “Try a new restaurant? Eat other food besides grilled cheese? I couldn’t dare part with my gooey Kraft singles. I mean, I wouldn’t even try different cheese. Just give me the […]